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Optimize Your Well Being!

This is a work in progress…

How many times have you wondered if you will be defeated by life’s circumstances? Sometimes we feel unstoppable, and sometimes our confidence may waver. Its all an ebb and flow. But if you are reading this, chances are you are committed to making eternal progress. To focus not necessarily in an obvious, outer-directed way, but more importantly, in an inner, self-directed way: As within, so without. With even a small direction of intention – such as a deep breath (or even better, ten deep breaths!) life can look more supportive. Thoughts and the actions that follow can be transformed. Whole worlds can open up.
In terms of self-growth along our lifetime, we can either regress with life’s punches, or throw them right back.

Things to work on, that will make life better not only for you, but for everyone around you: Self-Love. Physical health and fitness. Meditation. Compassion and loving-kindess. Your personal unique values and life-goals. Overcoming resistance of all kinds.

Things to notice, pay attention to, and ideally eliminate altogether: Guilt. Blame. Any thoughts which are disempowering in nature (the Victim Mentality). Shame. Self-delusion to avoid pain. Addictions of any kind. Living life based on what others want for you or what others may think of you. Self-denial.

It’s a beautiful journey. It can be a slow one, a painful one, a confusing one, and the path looks different for everyone. Comparison kills. Stay true to you and stay internally focused. With the right effort, and with trust, and with love, and with the development of inner peace and love, you will find what you seek.

As they say, the journey within is the longest journey you will ever take. But it’s all right here. We have it already within us. You are on the right track and you are exactly where you are supposed to be right here, right now.